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Parenting A Child on the Autism Spectrum

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This webinar series is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you will need to become a more empowered parent of your child with ASD. It may seem daunting but in as little as 2 months you have the opportunity to feel much more confident about the most important job you will probably ever have, raising a child with ASD. There is only so much support you can receive from partners, friends and family, and the amount of information available on a Google search can be overwhelming. I will run you through what you need to know step by step to help you feel knowledgable and empowered to help your child to cope, develop and thrive. The 8 steps included on the Parenting Roadmap are: 1. What is the Autism Spectrum? 2. What is Theory of Mind? 3. What causes ASD? 4. Family Functioning 5. Organising Your Home 6. Sensory Versus Behavioural Meltdowns 7. High Risk Situations for Meltdowns and Behavioural Issues 8. Managing High Risk Situations Each step in the program builds on your skills and adds knowledge, strategies and understanding to help your child learn and develop.

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