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NDIS Support Work Services

Head On Health specialises in providing support and ongoing assistance to families and individuals with our highly trained SUPPORT CREW. We are dedicated to providing the best quality support work services on the Gold Coast. 

Head On Health not only specialises in providing psychological services to families but also care and support to those in need of support work services so that they can live their best lives while feeling respected, appreciated and supported.

​Our team of friendly and professional support workers are consistently raising the bar to ensure you and your family members are given the best care available. This includes:

  • Treating YOU fairly, respectfully and with compassion and empathy

  • Communicating professionally with YOU & your family

  • Being adaptable and being able to think on their feet

  • Assisting YOU to grow YOUR skills and abilities to perform tasks

  • Providing support and assisting YOU with the development to maintain YOUR independence and safety

  • Assisting YOU with personal care, hygiene, health and general wellbeing

  • Discussing and implementing behavioural support plans

  • Understand YOUR needs and goals

  • Implement routines and structures as set out by our experienced Head On Health team

  • Helping YOU by working the hours when you need support, such as early mornings, evenings, nights or weekend work or even public holidays


Register for a Support Crew Member

Please complete the form to register your interest for a support worker with us. There is no obligation to sign up. We can contact you via phone or email to give you more information.

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Image by Timon Studler

"Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength."

- Sigmund Freud

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